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Can you name the Alliterative Marvel Secret Identities?

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HintNameAlter ego
Had the body of an english woman, but by a mysterious event turned into an asian woman
One of the most prominent members of the Human High Council during Age of Apocalpyse
Had his name changed once because the producers thought it was 'too gay'
Strange career path... sidekick, pressumed dead for several decades, villain, then took the hero's mantle
Got his powers by a potion prepared by Loki himself
Able to regenerate lost limbs, which is the reason why he became this in the first place
Not a very succesful hero, she's better known for her marriage
Had probably the worst outfit ever for a superhero, which is understandable considering his condition
Won a Nobel Prize for Biochemistry, which has been of little help with his disease
At one point, he almost married Aunt May in order to get a access to a small Canadian island
HintNameAlter ego
After decades of evading it, he revealed his secret identity during the Civil War
Along with his penchant for inventing, he's often known to rewrite works of Stephen Hawking.
His powers derive from a serum that moves his molecules an instant ahead of the current timeline.
'Shakespeare said the world was a stage. He was wrong. The world is a puzzle. But it takes an intellect such as mine to see just how the pieces fit,'
He has two brothers, and is immune to the powers of one of them, but not the other one.
Has an illegitimate son who despises him (and which happens to have an alliterative name too)
His Sanctum Sanctorum is located at 177A Bleecker St, Greenwich Village, New York City.
Due to a stillbirth, she was briefly possessed by the villain Psycho-Man
Widely known for breaking the 4th wall, his name is probably an alias
He's a member of the Hellfire Club by inheritance, but he doesn't often associate with them.

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