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What is the world's smallest island nation?
This Oceanic island is famous for its devil.
What is the most densely populated island nation?
The highest point of this island nation is the lowest of any world territory.
In what country would you find the 'Phi Phi Islands'?
Which Atlantic island was named after Helena of Constantinople?
A gold image of this island on a white background is the flag of which country?
Which island is the title of a 2005 Dreamworks film?
What is the smallest island nation in the Caribbean?
Sulawesi is an island part of which Asian nation?
The Arabian Peninsula is home to this island nation.
This island nation has the most Nobel Laureates per captia.
Which island nation is referred to as the 'Land of the Rising Sun'?
Suva is the capital of this island nation.
After Japan, what is the most populated Buddist island nation?
Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei all share which South East Asian island?
Which island nation has eight time zones?
This island is best known for its monolithic Moai.
Birkirkara is the largest and most populous city of which European island?
Say shells.

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