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Island nations in the Mediterranean Sea + Island nations in the Persian Gulf
Oceans on Earth (including Southern Ocean) x Continents on Earth
Stars on the flag of Australia - Stars on the flag of Vietnam
Size of the Vatican City in square km (to 2 dp) + Size of Monaco in square km (to 2 dp)
Year Kosovo gained independance - Year of United States Declaration of independance
Countries that border Germany x Countries that border Russia (including Kaliningrad Oblast)
Hills of Rome x Great Lakes of America
American States + Counties of England
EquationAnswerWorking out
Colours on the flag of Libya / Colours on the flag of Seychelles
Scrabble points for 'Kyrgyzstan' x Scrabble points for 'Kazakhstan'
Time in Kathmandu when it is 6:00 in London
Member states of the EU + Official languages in the EU
Population of China (to nearest 100 million) - Population of USA (to nearest 100 million)
Letters in the capital of Iceland x Letters in the capital of Uruguay
Height of Everest (to nearest 100 metre) + Height of K2 (to nearest 100 metre)
Countries that are represented within the G8 (easy yeh?)

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