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Is the therapist acting in first or second order cybernetics?
True or False: An assessment is done at the beginning and then used throughout?
Relabeling behavior with a new perspective, altering the context in which it is perceived, resulting in new responses to old behavior and thus a change in interactional patterns.
When one person involved in a conflict with another invites a third person to a dialogue in an attempt to distract from the original conflict, lessening resolution chances.
Is this model focused with the past, present, or future?
The goal of SFT is to restructure family systems by establishing _____.
What aspects are the therapist trying to identify in session during an assessment?
Organized, coexisting components of family members within an overall system that have their own autonomous functions as well as a specified role in the operation of the family.
Therapeutic act of entering a family system, getting to know the family and developing trust, thereby becoming part of the family system so that the interventions can occur.
True or False: Families desire to stable the system and seek homeostasis.
Therapist deliberately attends to the interactions, language, and values of the family in an attempt to understand the sequence of events as they occur interactionally.
Why is this method criticized?
Abstract method of separating parts of a system from each other, typically defined by personal rules and roles in a family.
Who is the founder of SFT?
Family members organize themselves so that boundaries between members are blurred and members are overinvolved in each other's lives, limiting individual autonomy.
Family is asked to enact or play out its relationship patterns spontaneously during a therapeutic session, allowing the therapist to observe and then restructure the future ones.
Assessment technique used to graphically depict a family's organizational structure and determine which subsystem is involved in dysfunctional transactions.
True or False: Healthy families adapt well to changes internally AND externally.
When a group of members share reciprocal benefits or values and team up.
Does insight or action come first?
Who's responsibility is it to restructure the family?
Alliance against other members.

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