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Fleeing from pursuit, danger, restraint, etc...
226th Pope of the Roman Catholic church
Actress w/ 2 Oscars for 'Klute' & 'Coming Home'
Pastoral Thomas Hardy novel
First battle of the American Civil War
Sandals w/ band between big toe & other toes
Nationwide survey show hosted by Steve Harvey
Capital of Sierra Leone
Lightweight triangular woman's scarf
Salinger book comprising short story and novella
Carrot family vegetable indigenous to Mediterranean
1998 hit for Korn
Last Whig president of U.S.
Pointy earned mammal & shifty, deceptive person
Formula used to model vertical motion of an object
Observatory on World Trade Center site honoring 9/11
Atticus of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
1958 Rogers and Hammersein musical
Soft tortillas wrapped around fried meats, veggies, etc...
Reality star and member of Public Enemy
Sport of two opened fighting w/ swords
Japan's tallest peak
2003 alternative to French fries
5th largest city in California
Travelogue published by Mark Twain, 1987
Flatfish also known as Summer Flounder
1995 Oscar winner 'Best Picture'
A low style of comedy

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