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Short, hair-like projections for movement of substances along cell surface
Intracellular fluid
Site of energy production by cellular respiration
Site of protein synthesis
Site of steroid and fatty acid synthesis
Small vesicle with digestive enzymes
Organelles needed to form cilia and flagella
Thread like strand of DNA with associated protein
Site of secretory and membrane protein synthesis
Site where protein products are stored, packaged, and exported
Contains DNA that control cellular activities
Site of ribosome synthesis
Gives the cell shape, support, movement, and holds organelles in position
Controls movement of substances into or out of the cell
Folds of the plasma membrane that increase the cell's surface area
Detoxifies harmful substances, produced hydrogen peroxide, and oxidizes amino acids
Double membrane that separates the nucleus from the cytoplasm
A small membranous sac that delivers proteins to the plasma membrane to exit the cell

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