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QUIZ: Can you name the physics terms that have made their way into popular culture?

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HintPhysics TermWhat's It From?
'Up and ____'The Simpsons (Radioactive Man)
The ________ TheoryTV Show
Supermassive _____ ____2006 Muse Song
'I'm your _______'Quote from Back To The Future
______ Quest1999 Film Starring Tim Allen
Defying _______Song from Wicked (Musical)
_______ Zero DawnNew RPG Game for Playstation 4
'Look out! He's got an ___ blaster!'Quote from Toy Story 2
Buzz _________Character from Toy Story films
Sunday ____A service held at Catholic Churches
'In the end, it doesn't even ______'Lyrics from In The End by Linkin Park
The Adventures of Jimmy _______TV Series (and Film) from the 2000s
_______ Of Solace2008 James Bond Film
'Whoa, whoa, I'm ___________, __________'2012 Imagine Dragons Song
'_____... the final frontier'Quote from Star Trek
Air On A G ______Piece of music by J.S.Bach
Champagne _________Song by Oasis
'In this house, we obey the laws of ______________!'Quote from The Simpsons
A Brief History Of ____Book by Stephen Hawking
Scott Pilgrim vs the _______Volume from graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O'Malley

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