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Using the clues, can you work out which game I'm playing from how I lost it?

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How I LostThe Game
When my opponent said he'd 'keep me in check', this wasn't what I had in mind!
Damn you, Mayfair! Or was it Boardwalk?
I'm beginning to understand why Indiana Jones hates these things. Why do I keep landing on them?!?
Trying to conquer Asia may not have been wise...
Slam dunk? More like Blam - Sunk!
How was I supposed to get a good score with X, N, O, Y, E and G?
Ironically, I found losing this game unsettling.
Well, that game was murder. Didn't have an inkling of how to win, either...
How I LostThe Game
I thought you were supposed to shout 'Oh no!'
Contrary to my research, this one's not based on Shakespeare
If only the door hadn't been open, I might have won!
Maybe I shouldn't have picked the one with a beard. Three questions and they had me!
Surely winning this game just means you're a terrible person? I'm kind of glad I lost.
Playing as red or as yellow, it ends the same way. This game's not for me! Or should I say not 'four' me?
Aw, they got my flag! I should have had some sort of plan to stop that happening...

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