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Can you tell the lead character of a Broadway musical (A) from a Formula 1 Racing Driver (L)?

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QuoteAlex (A) or Lewis (L)?
I am not throwing away my shot.
I know my boundaries. I know the limits.
Now what I'm going to say may sound indelicate...
My saying is; we win and lose together.
The danger factor is also the exciting part.
Obviously I am not happy but they can throw what they want at me, I will come back stronger.
I want to crush everyone. I want to outsmart everyone.
Then I'll be Socrates, throwing verbal rocks at these mediocrities.
Every year, it feels like this is your Achilles heel.
I have no fear of death, so I don't think about it.
I know I talk too much. I'm abrasive.
Pride is not the word I'm searching for.
I imagine death so much it feels like a memory.
Yeah. He's not the choice I would have gone with.

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