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Can you work out which word needs to be replaced in each sentence by typing its homophone?

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The keen scholar red many a book.
This styling moose is something else!
The convent near the village was second to nun.
The main of a lion is quite a sight.
Apparently I've been invited to a 'Bridle Shower'.
May the King have a long and happy rain.
When they signal you, that's your queue to go.
The son was partly obscured by the clouds.
Oh no, those Killer Wales are onto us!
It's a rather pail color for a bucket, don't you think?
It was almost two much to bear.
I ode him a great deal of money for his published poems.
She tried to mussel her way into the seafood restaurant.
I'm pretty sure an octagon has ate sides.
This place is filthy! Where is the made?
He sang until he was horse.
The rivalry between them was nothing knew.
Ah, the final peace of the jigsaw.
There was a pressing knead for more bakeries.
It was an emotional wedding: even the cake was in tears.

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