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QUIZ: Can you name the Principle Parts Latin Verbs: F-G?

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Principle PartsMissing Principle PartMeaning
faveo, -ere, favi, ____
fluo, -ere, ____, fluxum
interficio, -ere, interfeci, ____
facio, -ere, feci, ____
incedo, -ere, ____, incessum
invenio, -ire, ___, inventum
fero, ferre, ____, see other question
jaceo, -ere, ____, ----
Principle PartsMissing Principle PartMeaning
fugio, -ere, fugi, ____
incido, -ere, ____, ----
jacio, -ere, jeci, ____
habeo, -ere, habui, ____
inquam, ---, ____, ----
inspicio, -ere, inspexi, ____
fero, ferre, see other, ____

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