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Which term means something that is unlearned?
Which animal had Pavlov noticed had started to salivate when they heard food buckets?
What is the term for when the conditioned response is reinstated after extinction?
Was the response of salivating to food buckets conditioned or unconditioned?
What was the aim of Watson and Rayner's study?
What is the term for when, as a result of conditioning, a conditioned response is produced only for a specific stimulus and no similar ones?
Before conditioning begins, how many stimuli are present?
What do psychologists call a reinforcer that you need to survive?
What do critics of token economy systems say we need to reward our own good actions with?
Was Watson and Rayner's study ethically sound?
Is aversion therapy unpleasant?
With what was the rat inside the Skinner Box rewarded for pressing the lever?
Which method of phobia treatment is more expensive and longer but generally preferred?
What was done behind Albert's back while the rat was presented to him?
What was the date of Watson and Rayner's study?
After how many times, when the rat was presented again did Albert scream and try to get away?
What is the name for the process of teaching complex behaviours using reinforcement?
Which animal was Albert fond of?
Are there people who criticise token economy systems?
What is the name for the treatment of phobias where the patient is rapidly exposed to the things they fear in both thoughts and experiences?
For learning to occur, there has to be a change in behaviour. True or False?
What is the conditioned stimulus in Pavlov's classical conditioning experiment?
Do therapists usually recommend additional treatment whilst aversion therapy is going on?
What type of reinforcer is money an example of?
What type of learning does classical conditioning demonstrate?
What is the term for when a conditioned response is widened to a similar conditioned stimulus?
Are phobias conditioned or unconditioned?
Which treatment of phobias involves relaxing while experiencing an increasing level of the phobia until the phobia is broken?
What is the term for when the conditioned stimuli no longer produces the conditioned response?
Which psychologist first came up with the idea of classical conditioning?
Who studied the problem solving abilities of animals?
In what year did Skinner introduce the idea of reinforcement to the law of effect?
Right to withdraw and protection from harm are problems in which treatment of phobias?
What is the conditioned response in Pavlov's experiment?
What other objects did Albert scream when shown?
Which process stops one unwanted behaviour?
What type of reinforcement is the removal of a painful or generally negative element such as an electric shock?
How old was Albert, the participant in Watson and Rayner's study?
Which behaviour and addiction treatment method involves developing a very negative reaction to the drug or alcohol, usually using the vomiting reflex?
Where are token economy systems usually set up?
What is the following called; if a certain response has pleasant consequences, it is more likely than other responses to occur in the same cirumstances
What is the name for a system where you are given tokens for certain actions which can be exchanged for items and experiences?
What are the two things that advertising agencies try to build up an association between?
Which animal did Thorndike show had learned to escape his box?
Do the two types of reinforcement (negative and positive) have the same effect?
Which method of phobia treatment is usually used on children?
Punishment is used in behaviour shaping. True or False?
Are there potential ethical issues in a token economy system?
Is 'behaviour might not translate to the real world' a valid criticism of token economy systems?
Which stimulus did Pavlov use to add to test the conditioning capacity of the dog?
A phobia is the fear response gone wrong. True or false?
Which treatment for phobias works by breaking the conditioned bond between the phobia and the fear response?
What is learning called that takes place because of the consequences of behaviour?
Is aversion therapy always successful?
Is Systematic desensitisation considered to be an ethical treatment method?

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