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Which of the reasons for conformity comes into play in an ambiguous situation?
All psychologists believe Altruism occurs. True or false?
Which reason for conformity comes into play when we are part of a group of people in a social situation?
What is the term for following the orders of someone we perceive to be in a position of authority?
Shielding participants from the victims of their actions (and therefore the consequences of them) is a reason for obedience. True or false?
What is the name for when people do not put as much effort into something in a group as they would if they were doing the same task on their own?
Name one factor that affects social loafing.
What is the name for when people's behaviour and actions are influenced by others?
Deindividuation is most likely to occur in a prison according to Festinger. True or false?
Informal uniform like the dress of a goth can lead to deindividuation. True or false?
What is the name for being taught to obey authority figures?
Will other people having superior knowledge to us increase the likelihood of conforming to their behaviour?
What is the name for when our thoughts and actions are affected by the presence of those around us?
Social loafing occurs in team games. True or false.
What is the name for when someone does not consider the costs and rewards of helping someone but helps purely because they need help?
Who first used the term deindividuation to refer to what happens when someone loses their sense of individuality?
Participants sometimes obey because they lose their sense of responsibility; they are just following orders and can't be blamed for their actions. True or false?
Do people lose their sense of right and wrong and therefore their sense of responsibility when they are deindividuated?
Are the costs and rewards of helping someone involved in bystander intervention?
What occurs because you cannot identify an individual's performance due to people helping each other out when they are working together?
What is the name for when participants slowly build up the amount they obey?
Wearing a uniform doesn't lose one's sense of identity. True or false?
When two-year old James Bulger was abducted in 1993 did anyone do anything to help him?
Are there examples of people following unreasonable order with terrible consequences in history?
Being able to hide one's identity is a factor that affects deindividuation. True or false?
Individuality refers to what? Name one thing it refers to.
When the threat of punishment is removed and people become anonymous does deindividuation usually occur?
All conformity is conscious. True or false?
Who explained the reasons why we copy others?
What term did Latane and Darley use for when people did nothing to help in an emergency?

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