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Who argued that there must be a trigger of some sort of frustration to cause aggressive behaviour to occur?
What is young children swearing an example of?
Seeing a hero defeat a villain by hitting him doesn't cause aggressive behaviour to be learned. True or false?
Which explanations of aggression believes that aggression is learned from seeing how others behave and copying it?
What is the name of the explanation of aggression that was first proposed by Freud?
Which explanation of Aggression is based on the idea that we have an unconscious desire that causes aggressive behaviour (like the unconscious sexual desire)?
What type of mechanism do we use to protect ourselves from our self-destructive desire?
Which method of dealing with brain disease involves moving or destroying the part of the brain that is not functioning properly?
Which extra chromosome does a higher proportion of violent offenders have then non-violent offenders
What hormone do men have a lot more of than women
Was research into the development of aggression 50 years ago conducted on non-humans or humans?
Which part of the brain controls the desires produced in the limbic system, like aggression?
Psychosurgery is used often. True or false?
Children are more likely than adults to copy what they see. True or false?
Which part of the brain is aggression usually known as coming from?
Who realised that reinforcement can be internal in the form of self-satisfaction or pride?
Name one thing,apart from aggression, that the limbic system influences
Which group of psychologists tested the theory that it is possible to reduce aggression by getting people to think differently about how to behave?
Which drug is used to reduce the aggression associated with ADHD?
Which ego defence mechanism causes you to channel your aggression towards others?
Name one biological cause of aggression
Does brain disease have to affect the prefrontal cortex or the limbic system in order to lead to abnormally high levels of aggression?
What is one effect of having an extra Y chromosome?
In which ancient country did playwrights fill their plays with murder to get aggressive instincts out of the viewer's system?
In which year did Charles Whitman kill 12 people with a high-powered rifle?
There have not been findings that show that violent criminals have more testosterone than non-violent criminals. True or false?
Which ego defence mechanism entails you channelling your aggression into acceptable activities that require a certain amount of energy?
What did Freud call the internal force that he claimed caused our aggressive behaviour?
Who would say that it is good to watch violent films and T.V programmes as it is cathartic and it gets it out of your system?
Which part of the brain was the tumour in Charles Whitman's head pressing on?
Using is drugs is one way of biologically reducing aggression.True or false?
Punishment can have the opposite effect to what is intended when that punishment is being hit. True or false?
Give one trait of a person that children are most likely to imitate
What could the following things all cause: being late, losing things, arguments?
Which explanation of aggression says that observing non-violent role models or seeing role models being punished will reduce aggression?
Which theory suggests that avoiding situations that cause frustration is the best way to reduce aggression?
Children who see a role model being reinforced for aggressive behaviour are likely to copy the behaviour and expect the same reinforcement.True or false?

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