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Which part of the brain is located in the frontal lobe and is involved in expressing personality and appropriate social behaviour?
What is made up of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that make a person unique?
Which part of the brain learns social and moral behaviour and feels guilt (and is affected in people with this disorder)?
What describes the way in which individuals respond to the environment (this stays constant throughout life)?
All psychologists agree that there are biological causes to APD. True or false?
At what age can APD be diagnosed?
What is the name for the things used to measure personality types
What is the name for the theory that there are three different personality types, extroversion, introversion and neuroticism, each with associated traits.
The DSM-IV TR (2000) covers all mental health disorders for children and adults, with the age at which it starts, the criteria used for diagnosis and the causes. True or false?
The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 4th edition- text revision (American psychiatric association), covers all mental health for only children. True or false?
Which part of the brain is located in the limbic system in the temporal lobe and is involved in memory and emotion?
What is the name for the similar thing that also measures psychoticism as well as the two other separate dimensions?
Understanding Temperament helps people recognise situations which they may find difficult and help them find ways of dealing with these situations.True or false?
Which condition causes people to ignore the rights of others, not use socially acceptable behaviour, not abide by the law, lie, steal and be aggressive.
Which personality type has the following associated traits: like to be alone, have a small number of close friends, are serious, organised and like routine?
What is the name for the outer layer of the brain (which includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, sensory perception, memory, emotions and speech?
Which areas of the brain are associated with APD?
Which personality type has the following associated traits: are sociable, lively and easy-going?
Roughly what percentage of the prison population have APD?
How many of the following three types of factors may be situational causes for the disorder: socioeconomic factors, quality of life at home and educational factors
Give one trait of a person that measures highly on the stability dimension
Eysenck believed that the three personality types were caused by the type of nervous system that the individual inherits. True or false?
Being careless, deceitful, impulsive, irritable, aggressive, irresponsible and often destroying property are all characteristics of the APD. True or false?
What is the name for the thing used to measure the extroversion-introversion and neuroticism-stability and measure personality, which is made up of a series of yes/no questions?
At what age will characteristics of APD first be present?
Which personality type has the following associated traits: anxious, irritable, tense, shy, moody, lacking in confidence and self-esteem?
Which part of the brain learns from the negative consequences of our actions (and distress we cause others) and is affected in people with this disorder?

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