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QUIZ: Can you name the reproductive anatomy?

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attaches ovary to uterus
finger-like things that attach ovary to uterine tube
thick part of uterine tube
holds up ovary
duct that attaches ovary to uterus
Holds females eggs
attaches uterus to diaphragm wall
anterior space between bladder and uterus
anterior-most bone
fatty part in front of pubis
inferior to pubis
Large flap of skin around genital openings
small flap of skin around genital openings
opening of vagina
canal between opening and uterus
attaches uterus to rectum
colon opening
area around uterus opening
canal through cervix into uterus
anterior space in cervix
posterior space in cervix
posterior space between rectum and uterus
cavity of uterus
organ that sits superior to the bladder in woman
outer layer of uterus
middle layer of uterus
inner layer of uterus
What is also part of the females reproductive system

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