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What caused the end of Valyria?
What disease is caught from Stonemen?
What kills White Walkers other than fire?
How is the Mad King related to Daenerys?
What is Jorah Mormont's relationship to Lyanna Mormont?
What is Jaqen H'ghar's maid referred to as?
What did Ramsay use to kill his mother and baby brother?
What does the Dothraki word 'Vaes' mean?
Where does Samwell Tarly originate from?
Which house's symbol is twin towers?
What are the High Sparrow's bodyguards called?
What did the Mad King have stored underneath King's Landing?
What is Tormund's last name?
What was the name of the knight Ned Stark fought alongside Howland Reed in Bran's past vision?
Who did Sam steal Gilly from?
Who is the brother of the Night's Watch that Jon Snow beheaded for treason?
If Tommen dies without having a child, who is the next heir to the Iron Throne?
What house was Maester Aemon of the Night's Watch a part of?
What is Theon and Yara's uncle's name?
What was the Mad King's real name?
Who did Daenerys name her child after?
What is Hodor's original name?
How did Jon Snow kill Alliser Thorne, Olly, and two other brothers of the Night's Watch?
What was Stannis' daughter's name?
How many times did Beric Dondarrion die in the series, according to him?
Which character is classified as a eunuch?
What land is below Essos but is never mentioned in the show?
How many new gods are there?
What are Daenerys' three dragon's names?
What is the Faceless Man's name?
How did Ramsay's lover Miranda die?
What caused Hodor to earn his name?
What is Daenerys' unborn child's name?
How many Valyrian Steel swords are left in the world?
Which major character did the Children of the Forest create?

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