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Can you name the three levels of facts about Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress?

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(EASY) Fill in the blanks to complete the attraction's theme song: 'There's a Great Big ________ ___________'
The Carousel is located in this area of WDW
The name of the father in the ride
The name of the family's faithful dog
The ride takes place over the course of this century
The number of scenes within the ride
The final scene of the ride takes place on this holiday
(MEDIUM) The ride debuted at a version of this international exposition
Famed Disney collaborators who wrote the theme song
The name of the mother in the ride
The third scene of the ride takes place on this holiday
Questions Answer
The name of the family's daughter
The second scene of the ride sees the family installing this power source
In the final scene, Grandma plays a video game with this kind of technology
(HARD) The year Walt Disney debuted the Carousel in New York
The name of the bathtub-commandeering relative who hangs around the house
In the final scene, Grandma's high score (which accidentally overloads the oven)
The first scene of the ride takes place on this holiday
Complete this somewhat innuendo-laden line regarding fuses: 'And I've _____ the whole neighborhood again!'
In the second scene, the family's father references four famous Americans of that era: Babe Ruth, Al Jolson, Thomas Edison, and who?
A 'Hidden Mickey' appears on the back wall in the final scene: an abstract representation of Mickey Mouse from this movie

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