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HintFilm TitleYear
Griffith's Clansman1915
Melies' Space Odyssey1902
King Vidor is Lost in...1928
A Nine-Hour Film About a Dentist1924
Murnau's Vampire1922
Buster Keaton's Civil War Train1927
Fritz Lang's Android1927
Harold Lloyd Hanging From a Clock Tower1923
Two Words: Maria Falconetti1928
A German Somnambulist1920
HintFilm TitleYear
G.W. Pabst Directs Louise Brooks1928
Before He Directed Heston, DeMille Directed Theodore Roberts1923
Charlie Chaplin & Jackie Coogan1921
Edison Cameraman Films Butch Cassidy Adventure1903
Sergei Eisenstein's Baby Carriage1925
France's Jean Epstein Surreally Meets America's Edgar Allen Poe1928
Ten Years Into The Advent of Talkies, Chaplin's Quasi-Silent1936
Wellman's WWI Best Production Winner1927
Garbo, Gilbert & Some Thin Ice1926
George O'Brien Tries to Murder Janet Gaynor on the Lake While Murnau Watches1927

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