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Senior Field Agent of the FBI
Director Shepard spent years hunting this man down
Newest Agent. Former NSA Analyst
Former Mossad Director
Whose father was killed while eating dinner
Who is the newest director of NCIS
Who was killed in a diner?
Tony's love when he was undercover
Killed by Ari
Shot by Gibbs on a bus
Gibbs' mentor
Gibbs' only late daughter
Psychologist who is Gibbs' short lived love interest
What is Gibbs' dad's first name?
Senior Field Agent
Secretary of the Navy played by Matt Craven
CIA Operative
Blown up by a terrorist when she was trapped behind a trap door
Who was the head investigator of the Army CID
Ziva's love interest killed by Tony
Who was a former scout sniper in the Marine Core
CGIS Head Agent
Gibbs' late wife
Who was shot in the shoulder by Ari?
Lawyer that Gibbs hates
Director of Homeland Security
Head agent on the Port to Port Killer case
Medical Examiner
Forensic Scientist

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