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DeathFilmCharacter involved
This character had a bit of a run in on the toilet with a very unsavoury figureDonald Gennaro - Lawyer
Someone didn't understand the door system in this houseBenjamin Moss - Lawyer
Never trust religious island dwellers, especially when they're paganEdward Malus
You wouldn't want the five point palm exploding heart technique used on youBill
I'm a leaf on the wind, until I get a spike through my chestWash
These Mister seem to be against each otherMr Orange, Mr White, Eddie, Joe
TAH-DAH! Everyone likes a magic trickThe Joker
This will give you more than a belly acheKane
I think you should spend less time giving them a speech and more time running from the intelligent fishRussell Franklin
Stop waving your gun around and stop blaspheming!Marvin
DeathFilmCharacter involved
Yes, because everyone loves a brain for teaPaul Krendler
Nice, you painted the ceiling red, suits it reallyGlen Lantz
And we call this one, the slide and diceUnnamed guy
Because everyone loves getting sliced in half on a cruiseEveryone barr one person
There was a reason I didnt like going down the the race track to watch car racesEveryone at the track
Don't lose you head, especially thanks to this childJennings
And I get to tend the rabbits... no, you dontLennie
You just couldn't wait to be king could youMufasa
Whoever thought she would be dumb enough to try escape through a cat flapTatum Riley
Everyone loves to be eaten, but that was a ridiculously big reptilePaul Serone

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