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Metamorphic rocks that do not exhibit a foliated texture
Helps us understand the origins of Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic rocks
Way of classifying Igneous rocks, has 4 categorizations
Caused when mountains build. Rocks subjected to high temperatures and pressures that cause large scale deformation
Type of rock composed of unusually large crystals
Occurs when fluid moves along fractures or bedded planes, cools, and precipitates metallic ions
Particles of weathered rock and other substances
Single most characteristic feature of sedimentary rocks
Type of rock produced by pre-existing igneous, sedimentary or __________ rocks
Means 'To Change Form'
Texture of rocks that have holes due to gas bubbles during the rock's formation
Type of composition when a rock is made up of almost entirely dark silicates
Texture of a rock that has large crystals embedded in smaller ones
Rock composed of pieces of weathered particles

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