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Composition between granitic and basaltic
Name of rocks composed of a high percentage of dark silicate minerals
Certain minerals cool earlier than others, resulting in an arrangement of minerals known as...
Derived from material that is carried in solution to lakes and seas, then precipitates
Texture where crystals can be seen with the naked eye
Change is caused by a rise in temperature within the host rock surrounding the mass of molten material
Earlier formed minerals are more dense than the liquid portion and sink toward the bottom of the magma chamber
Sediments that originate as solid particles derived from weathering and are transported
Deposits distributed throughout the entire rock mass
Deposits left after water evaporates
Another name for granitic rocks, derived from the term feldspar
Igneous rocks that have crystals too small to see with the naked eye
Layered or banded appearance
Remains of a once living creature
Texture generated by rapid cooling of a rock
Igneous rocks that have light colored silicates as their dominant minerals
Hot, metal-rich fluids associated with cooling magma bodies
Rock formed by cooled magma
Magma that reaches the surface
This process forms sedimentary rock
Type of rock that contains abundant pyroxene and calcium rich plagioclase feldspar
Molten rock in the Earth's mantle
Changes the composition of magma, allowing more than one type of rock to form from a parent magma

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