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Can you name the World War One?

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Who killed Archduke Ferdinand?
What started WWI?
What is Alliance?
What is Nationalism?
What is Imperialism?
What is Militarism?
What is Anarchy?
What is Leadership?
What were the Allies Countries?
What are the Central Powers Countries?
How much money did the U.S. spend on fighting the war?
What was the name of the Alliance that the United States joined?
When did the sinking of the Lusitania occur?
When did the Zimmerman Note take place?
When did the United States declare war on Germany?
What were the new weapons of the war?
what was the reason for the united statesto not join the war?
what did germany promise mexico if the helped fight the US?
what was the new type of battle style that became so prominate during world war one?
what was the main reason no side was able to take control during the war?
what policy did the US persue at the begining of the war?
what was the Lusitania accused of doing?
what act made the US army so massive?
the first country to sign the armistice was?
Who declared War first?
Where was Archduke Ferdinand assassinated?
The Zimmerman note was sent from what country?
Where was the Peace Treaty with Germany signed?
True or False. Austrai- Hungary was a part of the Central Powers.
What side did the Netherlands fight for?

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