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'Did somebody order a Chinese?' Chinese ….A
Where Stacey, Nessa, Bryn and Gwen liveB
Dave ……., Nessa's fiancee who leaves her at the altarC
…. & Pete, friends of Pam and MickD
Pete's mother who they leave behind and wakes up the next morning behind the barE
Gavin and Smithy's friendF
Name of the main protagonistG
What does Bryn mean in Welsh?H
What kind of restaurant is Smithy told he is the father of Nessa's child?I
Gwen's enemy who Bryn invites to her birthday barn danceJ
What Bryn does to everyone when he arrives for ChristmasK
Where Gavin and Stacey finally meetL
Doris's daughter who Gwen refer's to as a 'nasty piece of work'M
One of her catchphrases is 'What's occurring'N
And before you ask no he doesn'tO
Dick ……, the black market trader from BarryP
Smithy gets drunk while he is in charge of the ….Q
The cereal Bryn is worried nobody will eat out of a Variety packR
The young boyfriend of DorisS
Where Smithy hides under when Nessa arrives at Gwen'sT
What Smithy buys for Lucy for ChristmasU
One of the only things Nessa has to remind her of her time in IndiaV
Stacey's maiden nameW
'Stace, it's not racism its …….'X
Where Lucy cheated on Smithy with a 21 year oldY
What Smithy always has on his jacketZ

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