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NW neighborhood located along the Potomac River; home to a world-renowned university
This Virginia county is the most populated jurisdiction in the D.C. Metro Area
Affluent neighborhood in both NW D.C. and Maryland
Neighborhood of rowhouses east of the Capitol Building
Despite being a county, is often considered the second-largest city in the region
Mega-shopping center located near the Capital Beltway and VA 7
NE neighborhood that is home to the Catholic University of America
Wealthy Maryland town that is home to NIH and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Virginia neighborhood adjacent to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
Location of George Washington's estate along the Potomac River in Virginia
Infamous D.C. hotel and office complex known for a 1972 break-in
Creek that stretches from near Olney, MD to the Potomac River in D.C.
Large strip that stretches from the Lincoln Memorial in the west to the U.S. Capitol in the east
Suburban town that is home to the University of Maryland
Train station located just north of the U.S. Capitol
Hockey, basketball, and concert venue located in the Chinatown neighborhood
SE neighborhood named for the adjacent river
Historic Virginia port town that originally was part of D.C.
555 foot tall obelisk in commemoration of the first U.S. president
Wealthy Virginia town named for the adjacent park and natural attraction along the Potomac River
Separates the eastern and western parts of DC
University located in the NW neighborhood of Spring Valley
Headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense, located just across the river from D.C.
New waterfront development located near Fort Washington, Maryland
This Virginia town was the first modern planned community
The newest line of the Metrorail
Rail trail running from NW D.C. to Silver Spring, MD
Located in the Potomac River between Rosslyn, VA and Foggy Bottom, DC
At 409 feet above sea level, the highest point in D.C.
Maryland town that is home to the Redskins' FedEx Field

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