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Can you name the Kobe Bryant aka The Black Mamba?

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What team drafted Kobe Bryant in 1996?
What high school did Kobe Bryant play for?
Kobe tied a record for most three-pointers in a game in 2003. Who did he tie to share that record?
Kobe was drafted out of high school. If he had gone to college which school did he state he would have chosen?
How many times has Kobe been awarded the All-Star MVP?
In high school, what was kobe's team record his senior year when they won state?
In which year did Kobe Bryant win NBA All Star Slam Dunk Champion?
What year was Kobe voted League MVP?
What was Kobe's SAT score?
Who did he Lakers trade in exchange for Kobe's draft rights?
Kobe set the record for most points scored in Madison Square Garden against what team?
How many points did he score to set that record?
On December 23, 2007, Bryant became the youngest player to reach how many points?
Kobe won a gold medal with the United States Men's Basketball team in what year?
How many times has Kobe been selected into the NBA All-Star game?
On Jan. 22 2006 kobe scored how many points? A career high for Kobe.
Who wrote and recorded a hit song after KOBE?
Who was Kobe's Father?
What was Kobe's number before he changed it ?
Kobe is frequently compared to who? A comparison Bryant DISLIKES!

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