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QUIZ: Can you name the Players who have earned more than Michael Jordan?

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Team(s)Player (hint: Jordan is an answer!)Earned
ORL, LAL, MIA, PHX, CLE, BOS$292,198,327
MIN, BOS$270,115,354
GSW, WAS, SAC, PHI, DET$178,230,697
DAL, PHO, NJN$174,464,468
TOR, ORL, HOU, NY, DET$161,626,097
POR, IND, TOR, MIA, BOS$159,215,640
WAS, POR, ATL, DET, BOS$156,758,400
PHI, DEN, DET, MEM$154,494,445
MIN, NJN, PHO, NYK, BOS$151,115,945
WAS, DAL, DEN, ORL, HOU, CHA, POR, MIA$150,113,452
CHH, MIA, NJN$143,906,333
DEN, ATL, PHI, NJN, NY, HOU$143,666,581
PHO, DAL, SAS, BOS$138,576,839
DET, ORL, PHO$134,379,650
TOR, NJN, ORL, PHO$134,093,315
CHI, LAC, PHI$126,118,550
CLE, MIA$124,487,723
GSW, DAL, WAS, CLE$124,717,193
NY, SEA, ORL$123,843,120
ORL, PHO, NY, MIA$120,469,142
SEA, ORL, WAS$117,744,496
CHH, NOH, GSW, LAC, CLE$117,590,802
DET, NY$117,556,500
DEN, PHO, NY, DET, SAS$113,998,859
SAC, POR, MIA, LAL, PHO$109,842,052
CHI, HOU, POR$109,192,430
NJN, DEN$108,284,447
BOS, DAL, ATL, MIA, MIN$108,142,015
TOR, NY, DEN, LAC, POR$107,797,072
PHO, MIA, TOR, DAL$107,502,663
PHO, DAL$107,346,058
HOU, TOR$107,011,426
VAN, SAC, ATL, WAS, MIA$105,741,440
SEA, MIL, LAL, BOS, MIA$104,367,619
UTA, LAL$104,133,378
HOU, ORL, NY$103,501,131
DEN, IND, CHI, TOR, NY, PHO$102,438,250
LAL, CHH, MIA, MEM, DAL$101,254,222
GSW, WAS, ORL$100,637,492
TOR, POR, MEM, SAS$99,672,198
MEM, LAL$99,574,396
LAC, MIA, LAL$98,867,658
SAC, IND, NOH, TOR, DAL$97,956,720
IND, GSW, DAL, MIA$97,113,349
BOS, PHO, ATL$91,313,901
CHI, WAS$90,235,000

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