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Can you name all of the Once Upon A Time characters (OUAT In Wonderland included)?

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the Savior
the truest believer
she ate a bad apple
^their son
dwarf #1
dwarf #2
dwarf #3
dwarf #4
dwarf #5
dwarf #6
dwarf #7
dwarf #8
_____,_____, on the wall...
Snow's father
Snow's mother
Snow's maidservant
Charming's mother
the original Prince Charming
Charming's fake father
Charming's betrothed
the golden king
King Midas' golden knight
Storybrooke's first sheriff
the evil step-mother
Regina's first love
Regina's father
Regina's paternal grandfather
Regina's mother
the Dark One
the Dark One's son
the Dark One's ex-wife
the previous Dark One
the beauty
Belle's father
Belle's mother
Belle's betrothed
candle spirit in the Dark One's library
the lead fairy
Dreamy's true love
Neverland's patron fairy
the princess' patron fairy
fairy in Wonderland
Aurora's fairy #1
Aurora's fairy #2
Aurora's fairy #3
the real boy
the real boy's father
the conscience
the cricket's father
the cricket's mother
her favorite color is red
owner of the diner
Red's boyfriend
Red's mother
Red's werewolf friend
Wonderland's adventurer
Alice's skeptical father
Alice's step-mother
Alice's half-sister
ex-member of the Merry Men, current king of Wonderland
queen of Wonderland, Cinderella's step-sister #1
former king of Wonderland
creates portals (rabbit holes) to and fro Wonderland
^'s wife
hat enthusiast
hat enthusiast's daughter
leader of Wonderland's 'the Collectors'
secret admirer of the knave, a Collector
the terror of Wonderland
Tweedle #1
Tweedle #2 (traitor)
beast, holer of the Forget-Me-Knot
unnamed ruler of Agrabah
legitimate son of the Sultan
the Sultan's daughter
^her husband
evil sorcerer from Agrabah
mother of the genies, sorceress
Agrabah's genie #1
Agrabah's genie #2
Agrabah's genie #3
guardian of the Well of Wonders
sleeping beauty
sleeping beauty's rescuer #1, the yaoguai
sleeping beauty's rescuer #2, now part of the Merry Men
dragon-woman, put sleeping beauty to sleep
king who awoke first sleeping beauty, father of second sleeping beauty
the original sleeping beauty, queen
the Shadow, the Pied Piper
member of the Lost Boys
one-handed villain-turned-hero
Hook's brother in the navy
member of the Jolly Roger's crew
famous pirate captain
Bae's adoptive father
Bae's adoptive mother
Bae's adoptive sister
Bae's adoptive brother #1
Bae's adoptive brother #2
seeks to destroy magic
^his father
seeks to destroy magic
Tamara and August's miracle working friend
steals from the rich, gives to the needy
First Lady of the Merry Men
_____ Hood's son
member of the Merry Men
alcoholic sheriff, enemy of _____ Hood
green witch from Oz
the green witch's good counterpart
the ____ of Oz
biological father of the green witch
Kansas resident sent to Oz
dog from Oz
current queen of Arendelle
princess of Arendelle
official Arendelle ice master and deliverer
magical snowman created by Elsa
carrot-loving reindeer
evil prince of the Southern Isles
head of the rock trolls
former queen of Arendelle
former unnamed king of Arendelle
cryokinetic member of Arendelle's royal family
former queen's non-powered sister
noble who tried to seduce Arendelle's royal sisters
the doctor
the doctor's resurrected brother
the doctor's father
the doctor's assistant
the little mermaid
the little mermaid's prince
the little mermaid's father, king of the sea #2
the sea witch
the sea witch's father, king of the sea #1
the prince
^their son
Anastasia's mother, Cinderella's step-mother
Cinderella's step-sister #2
the prince's unnamed father
Ruby's boyfriend, a mouse
the Evil Queen's male child pawn
the Evil Queen's female child pawn
^their father
witch who eats children
beanstalk giant #1
beanstalk giant #2
beanstalk giant #3
lover of Charming's twin
princess with long hair
warlord over shepherds and farmlands
warlord of Mulan's villiage
the Author
the Sorcerer's helper
sorcerress who controls animals (preferably dogs)
Archie's dog
gorgon #1 whose look turns people to stone
gorgon #2
gorgon #3
king of Camelot
queen of Camelot
wizard who assists Camelot in its ventures
King George's head knight
cave demon who feasts on the hearts of the wicked

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