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Black males' affliction that they have to act more manly because of their years of abuse from white males- feel emasculated- feeds into patriarchy
Argues that the way to deal with racism is to get rid of race and banish it from society
Year in which the French revolution started; Blacks began to have an awkward place in this identity of liberty and fraternity, but not for them
France's attempt at Affirmative Action- After 2005 riots they could not ignore race, so they had this idea
Yet another way of highlighting dominant group- If immigrants, then you would see the majority as being on top- failure in Germany, which was not an immigrant society
1958- Boiling point for race relations in Britain- Teddy Boys involved in riots- gets Britain thinking seriously about race
Comparison of ways in which African Diaspora has positioned itself- either as part of larger group or defined by country
Imposed upon Europeans by Ottomans; System of accepting payment from Europeans in the form of young boys, who were then put in army and conquered Europe; Similar to Saracens- were
Legal code regulating treatment of blacks in French Colonies
First woman admitted into the House of Lords in Britain
Race is not simply a color or biology, but a culture in France
Historically Muslims, but came to mean the Other located in the East compared to West; Westerner's name given to the others; Africans were seen as others even though could have bee
Understanding of the totality of black existence; Blackness as race exists whether we perceive it or not
Paul Gilroy's argument about roots vs. routes- he argues that routes are more important because they shape who we are more than where we are from- represents that triangle of Afric
Group put together by AfroGermans to make them nationally recognized
Ontological blackness and its counterparts force blacks to deal with this- makes them choose between black and white, outsider and insider, etc.- Anderson stated that you could be
Collective expression of the Afrocentric worldview; The 'way' of developing and maintaining African Consciousness
African who came to Germany- became a respected professor and intellectual and contributed to Enlightenment- exceptional example of existence of blacks in Germany before 20th Centu
Mixed race children from black soldiers and German women living near area
Way that Blacks in Britain define themselves; not Anglo-Saxon
Says that there is more than one way to be German, by this the white German's authenticity is strengthened because they see it as being under threat and band together- way of stren
Wright's idea to make motherhood the center of race- would be a dialogical conversation instead of dialectical
Michelle Wright's theory about black women facing race and gender discrimination
Gilroy's idea to get rid of all race
Places like England dealt with minorities through different signatures, some seen as cultural differences, others as race
Plays a role as an auxiliary minority in many ways- by treating her well, Europe can show good treatment of women, blacks, and muslims
From Michelle Wright, the idea that there are 2 ways to converse- First is an us vs. them, second is more empathetic, and would be stronger in using motherhood as the base of race
Opposite of OB; A wider understanding of blackness- accommodates a broader, more elastic definition of being black
Counter to Eurocentric; One's true consciousness as a black person; Promotes centrality of Africans in post-modern culture
Desire to enter into emotional bond with dominant group and blacks- on both sides there is this feeling- beyond Political and Social issues
Victor Anderson's idea that black theologians focused on the most heroic and best members of the black group, and ignored the masses; similar to argument against ontological blackn
The question of whether race can exist without a defined pecking order, which Gilroy stated that it cannot- it was inevitable
Bilogical form of man and women
Group that wants France to recognize race after riots in 2005 so they can address racial discrimination which is still happening
Idea that if there are blacks in England who say they are Black English, is there a transnational term for this too? Does this exist? African Diaspora in Europe overall invokes the
Famous German Philosopher who stated that Africans did not have the same mental capacity as Europeans, among other racist things
The idea that the blacks have an essential genius true to their blood
Japan proposed a racial equality clause in this document, stating that immigration and society could not make distinctions based on race- Great Britain and Australia shot this down
Right by Blood; Citizen by virtue of having parents born there
The idea that racial purity was not to be assumed always, and is usually not the case- this was the problem with the essential black genius in their blood- they have a lot of other
Abusive, tyrannical, harmful use of power
Important part of Europe's self identification- opposing this was Islam and blacks and such- further definition of other
Book sponsored by Audre Lorde; Afro-German women wrote essays; Discussion of race and blackness in Germany
France's earlier attempt at ignoring race and different colors
African-American Poet, intellectual, activist from Grenada- elastic and open understanding of what black consciousness meant; worked in Germany on this
The idea of pursuing rights collectively or on their own for blacks
Had the idea that black genius preceded history and was genetically located; counter to AC
French; Idea that society should be free of religious influence; Difficult for Diasporic people because their culture is tied to religion
Father of Afrocentricity
Another example of Michelle Wright's dual conversation idea; One was combative, one was empathetic
According to Gilroy, race belies a hierarchy so it undermines democracy which is supposed to be about equality
England recognized race, so this emerged out of England as well (Duality of race in society)
Informed European attitudes towards blacks; system critiqued by Aime Cesaire in her work
Policy that said slaves could not be brought into Metropolitan France- once they were brought on French soil, they were freed; did not apply to colonies
Hazel Carby argued that white feminists were wrong- not all attempts to regulate public space was an attack on women's bodies and was not prejudicial
Outspoken anti-immigration Politician- said it would not be long before blacks overtook country- got expelled from office but large population agreed with his thoughts
Post-1965, Africans that came to America have their own histories but buy into the African-American histories; before it people were descendants of slaves
Black history necessarily emerging out of middle passage- similar to ontological blackness in that there is only one way to be black
Social form of man and women
German Philosopher who said Africa had no history or evolution and was stuck in its primitive mode
Another way of highlighting dominant group- Only one way of being German; Natural, biological construct- only way Germanity can be sustained
Author of idea of getting beyond ontological blackness; Was proponent of post-modern blackness- did not like Afrocentricity
Gilroy's idea to get rid of gender discrimination
French abolish slavery
Name of the ship that brought blacks from Caribbean to England in 1948- began massive wave
Fear of the new, which in this case means foreigners- To separate this from racism is difficult in Europe
The forced and traumatic dispersal of Africans from their homeland, but also deals with their current struggle to find their identity and their place in the world today
Year of French riots after 2 black children get chased by police and end up dying- awakens France to its racial issues- cannot ignore race
Berlin Wall comes down; mixing of Western Afro-German and Eastern Black German
Many communities will state that theirs is the most oppressed; example is with blacks- men will say we need to prioritize racial over gender
Authored 'White Women Listen' which stated that white women contribute to hegemonic power of whiteness
Anderson argued that ontological blackness kept blacks from being fully complete as individuals- they needed to quell who they truly were in order to fit into the group dynamic whi
Aime Cesaire wrote this about race relationships based on colonialism critiquing the whole system
Black Activist influenced by Malcolm X, but in England
Abdulla's article had black Americans encounter black Africans in Harlem and experience tension- 'They are African American, I am Black'- this posed problems for Asante's notion of
Dates of World War I- Many waves of blacks coming to Europe from Africa and Caribbean
Black British scholar- Believed identity was not based on race, culture, or ethnicity exclusively but a product of history and time- ever changing
Idea that males have monopolized history and marginalized women in a way that serves their own bias and privilege
Author of Miseducation of the Negro, which stated that blacks had been educated in European intellectual achievement, and needed to be exposed to all intellectual achievement
French Revolution document championing the individual and collective rights of citizens
Idea of seniority in citizens and society; Given the power to determine what is real French or German based on seniority; had to follow their criteria
Negritude Movement; had the idea that blacks had a genius produced by history
Generic term Europeans applied to blacks as being the other- traditionally for Islamic people- they were other, now blacks are
Afro-German poet; one of first to give a voice to sufferings and aspirations of Afro Germans
Nationalist Youth in Britain who dressed well but could be rowdy and racist- were present at Notting Hill riots
Rule by the father- men enjoy right, privilege, and power to rule
Right by Land; Citizen by virtue of being born somwhere
Idea that if a small part of a minority is treated well by a society then it excuses all of their previous racist past and present; American blacks such as Langston Hughes went to
Most Europeans see Holocaust as blip or exception, but it is argued that it has been shown to be more than that in that Europeans treat 'unworthy' races poorly
Discussion of whether blacks in Germany relate more to Africa as homeland or Black as a culture
Molefe Asante's way of repositioning black history so that everything starts at 1619 and continues on from that
Paul Gilroy alludes to this- argues against just looking at skin color when defining and grouping people- there are problems with just doing this

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