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description/hintswild animal
up to 9 at a time in the back yard nibbling on corn; where are the males?
at night they like to finish up what the cat left in its bowl
they chatter in the trees and walk across the electric line out the window
only rarely glimpsed but they sure can root things up around in the yard at night
had one of the beady-eyed, big-toothed, naked-tailed things come in the house; thought it was a big rat at first!
they love the sweet red water put out for them
they prefer the sunflower seeds in the feeder - females arent so colorful
they're really too big for the feeder but they come cooing anyway at times
they're smaller so they come when the feeder isnt occupied by the two above
saw one standing on the road just once but hear them yipping at night sometimes
look at 'em up there; wonder what's dead
description/hintswild animal
not as many of these rodents as there as in some places but they scoot across road sometimes
creeks are so dry havent seen any for quite a while
I've never actually heard one say 'meep, meep' or seen a coyote chasing one
usually on the road squashed dead - sometimes looking like a branch
they're a lot skinnier than the thanksgiving kind
every once in a while you see one sitting at the top of a telephone pole scanning a field
I see them in parking lots picking bugs out of car grills: so iridescent and how do they make that sound?
what is that? Got a coon's tail but too small and skinny to be a raccoon. Too big to be a squirrel.
there used to be one living in the woods across from the school, until they cleared the trees out. It was grey...not red.
saw just one, once. it climbed a fence post, when I approached it, of all things. I sure didn't touch it...didn't want any quills in me!

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