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QUIZ: Can you name the Ways to Improve MLB Baseball?

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improvementsmissing word in improvementflawless reasoning
Shorten the game to ________ inningsWhy do you think there's a 7th inning stretch? People are tired of sitting there that long!
Shorten the season to __________ games.Make each game really count and make winning percentages easy to figure.
Get rid of the _______________________.At least National Leaguers will support me on this one.
Have a rotation where a different player has to _______________ one complete inning.Every player bats in rotation don't they? (specialty players - booo.)
Penalize a team one advanced base each time they make a _______________________.No more free relief pitching. (he he)
Only flies caught in the _________________ are automatic outs.Make long fly balls finally count for something!
Don't start league play until _________ 1st and be sure the World Series is over by _____________ 21st.No more 30-40 degree games!

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