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populationTexas T Townhints for non-Texans
36,411half of the whole city; cotton fields supposedly one mile south of there
3,048near Corpus Christi; named for a Prez, but not nearly as big as he was
2,673near Lubbock; kinda sounds like Kosner's word for buffalo
58out toward Big Bend; World's Chili Capital each November
15,191named for a Prez, near Austin; also a kid's name
10,753outer Houston burb; sounds like some new weird sport
36,328outer Dallas suburb (tricky 2 word name) sounds like the Greeks, Romans or Brits started the place
4,967near Amarillo; rhymes with the Pretty Woman's first name
populationTexas T Townhints for non-Texans
93,847outer Houston suburb/CDP (tricky 2 word name); sounds like a real green place
66,102near Waco; sounds like a religious place; George said that 'Dimples' was from there
96,900the 'capital' of East Texas; named for a Prez; home of Earl Campbell and roses
1,385near Longview; neither Jack nor Miss O'Neal ever lived there
828near Wichita Falls; home of Bob Lilly; sounds maybe like some kind of bird thing with salt
45,099site of huge 1947 explosion; sounds like the state capital but never was
15,816Home of a state mental hospital near Dallas but not T.O.

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