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Hint(Complete the Incomplete Words/Phrases)The Truth
We all wear B___s & C______ H__s.
We all ride H_____s.
Actually...We all drive P_____s.
We're all in the O__ business.
We all listen to C______ M_____.
All of Texas is a big D_____.
Everything's B_____ in Texas.
We all speak with an A_____.
We all go to C_____.
We eat, sleep and breathe F_______.
We're all C___________s and love G_____ W. B___.
Everyone owns G___s.
We're really P____ of our State.
We take our F___almost as seriously as our Football.
Our favorite dish is a C______ F____ S____ as big as the plate with cream gravy.
We all like D_ P_____ better'n Coke.
If we drink beer, it's always L___ S___.
Texas women have Big H___.
We're big on being F_______ with everyone.
but...Don't M___ with Texas!
We'd all vote to S_____.
We know we're D________ & we like it!

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