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Can you name the People Mentioned in Done Too Soon by Neil Diamond?

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age/year of deathPerson Mentioned in Done Too Soonfame
33 in 33 A.D. religious figure
59 in 1951comic actress
35 in 1791composer
57 in 1957actor
65 in 1227conqueror
79 in 1946writer
69 in 1979political figure
from 1892 poemfictional character
68 in 1967publisher
26 in 1865assassin
32 in 323 B.C.conqueror
75 in 1922inventor
5000 B.C.?deities?
age/year of deathPerson Mentioned in Done Too Soonfame
76 in 1881painting subject
35 in 1961political figure
26 in 1934singing actor
64 in 1883political writer
74 in 1961comic actor
46 in 1960philosopher
40 in 1849writer
66 in 1910painter
57 in 1916writer
38 in 1960criminal
43 in 1965disk jockey
70 in 1966comic actor

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