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2010 Attendance AverageFCS Top 25 Schools in Attendancemore hints
25,715recent 3-peat FCS Champs, Wolverine killers in 2007
25,4482 time FCS champs (No, Joe didnt QB them)
24,140Gave us Sweetness
19,782Not as ancient as it sounds. Good at women's sports.
17,7532003 FCS Champs, Fear the Beligerent Cobalt Chickens
17,6276 time FCS Champs (3 times back to back)
17,330Beat Ole Miss in 2010
16,918Oldest school in U.S. Home of Presidents.
16,597FCS Champs in 2004. Hokie killers in 2010
15,9448 time Champs in Div. II
15,9131st FCS Champs in '78. Famous for their band
15,1104 time FCS Champs in the 90's under Jim Tressel
14,862Gave us Deacon Jones and Donnie Shell. Why don't they wear Orange?
14,861Gave us Oprah and 'Too Tall'
14,630Jerry Falwell gave us this school
14,592Used to be #1 100 years ago
14,298Gave us Jan Stenerud. Big rodeo school.
13,770Won the first Independence Bowl in '79. Gave us Joe Dumars and Doug Kershaw.
13,388Gave us Jesse Jackson and Ron McNair. Why dont they wear Green?
13,0051998 FCS Champs. Gave us Dr. J. Headed to the MAC.
12,997Beat Iowa State thrice: '92,'94,'07. Gave us Kurt Warner.
12,896Gave us Randy Jackson and Branford Marsalis. Plays in the annual Bayou Classic.
12,805LBJ's alma mater. Headed to WAC.
12,699Gave us T.O.
11,926First med school in U.S.

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