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The brand with the 3 stripes
Just Do It.
Michael who played for Chicago.
This brand has a pelican looking silhouette.
The brand with the national bird of the USA
This brand is often worn by Rob Dyrdek
This brand was made by Jay-Z
This brand shares it's name with a rapper, he ha an ice cream tattoo on his face.
This brand shares it's name with a song by Migos
This brand is a wanna-be Abercrombie & Fitch
This cereal brand is advertised by John Cena
This noodle brand has been filling the shelves of your pantry since we opened that open door policy.
This brand is known for it's quote ' they're after me (answer)'
This brand/ company is known most for the game, Super Mario
The game COD: black ops and black ops 2 were created by this.
This brand helps you keep those girls closer, and want you more
Also an answer to question 16
Not an answer to question 16, unless you're over the age of 45
This brand is enjoyed in the US of A, especially if your Italian
This is a permanent mistake.

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