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Forced Order
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Don't mind me, corpse of my dead son, I am just here to do my sister.
I can actually say a lot more and have rather exquisite vocabulary, I just am so over Bran…
I meant to say, 'Burn the mall,' not burn them all. I just did not want the temptation of a Gap being right next to my castle.
5th Harmony should change their title, 'Work from Home,' to 'Wine from Home.' Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine
It's getting hot in here, so I'll burn off all my clothes (in voice of Usher)
Sucks to suck, Mom. No more trial by combat.
I need to take a dump; I'll be right back.
My boyfriend is such a little baby. I'm over it.
I need another daughter to wed…like now.
Burn my daughter? Sign me up!
I should have just stayed in the cave. I know nothing.
A sword fight with a woman?! Too easy…
A girl is over referring to herself as a girl.
Good thing people don't know what my nickname is actually referring to…
Does anyone know where the nearest Walgreens is?
Ok, I guess since I am the main character in the show I will confess my treason so I can live…
Look babe, we have four or five main characters at this wedding. I think we will be fine…
Oh the pain, my husband is dead. Does he have any younger brothers?
Alright, from now on, I am no longer using my sword. I am just gonna think of creative ways to smoosh heads.
Grow a pair and drink the ale…I'm sorry I totally forgot, but still drink the ale.

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