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Can you name the Geography of Seinfeld (Seasons 7-9)?

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Where does Kramer drive to leave the dog they kidnapped?7
What region of Italy does Elaine go to with the Maestro?7
Where are the guys from that get George swearing?7
What country is marathon runner, Jean Paul, from?7
What country does the Soup Nazi move to after Elaine ends him?7
What country was Elaine going to go with Peterman before testing positive for opium?7
What state do Kramer and Newman go to return bottles?7
What country does Peterman go to after his nervous breakdown?8
What country was the war in when Frank was a cook?8
What country are the businessmen from that Kramer sleeps in drawers?8
What country is the waitress from that 'smart' George must have sex with?8
What state did Newman want a transfer to for delivering mail?8
What Ohio city does George go to deliver his jerk store comment?8
What country are the people from that Kramer gets from Florida?8
What country is Elaine sent to by Peterman to live in a cave?8
What state does George pretend to be a tourist from?8
What state University does Kramer get his intern from?9
What country's rattle torture does Peterman relate to Elaine's tic tacs?9
What city did Elaine's neighbor go to and leave their alarm on?9
What country is Sue Ellen Mischke's wedding in?9
What state does Jerry's girlfriend Lisi plan a trip for them to go to?9
What territory's flag got accidentally burned by Kramer?9
What state was NBC going to shoot the pilot for their show?9
What state did the group make an emergency landing in the final episode?9

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