Television Quiz / Seinfeld Geography II (Seasons 4-6)

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What city do Jerry & George visit in California for the Tonight Show?4
What city does Elaine send Jerry a postcard from in Europe?4
In what county does Newman to to do volunteer work with the blind?4
What country did the 'moops' invade in the 8th century?4
What country are the diplotmats from that Kramer meets at the United Nations?4
What country does Kramer say people talk by singing to each other?4
What city did Jerry tell Marla he was going to visit?4
What city did Jerry do a gig and Elaine saw her sister?4
What city does the angry baggage handler send Elaine's luggage to?4
Rochelle, Rochelle. An erotic journey from ______ to Minsk.4
What country did Babu return to due to Jerry having his visa papers?4
What city does George accompany his girlfriend to her aunt's wake?4
What continent did the sniffing accountant Barry go to?4
What city does George lie about visiting to avoid being a big brother?5
What part of Long Island does the group visit where George experiences 'shrinkage'?5
What state is the Miss America contestant Jerry dates from?6
What city is the Miss America pageant taking in?6
What country is Jerry's gymnast girlfriend Katya from?6
What country does Elaine go to with Mr. Pitt where she meets Simon?6
What state do mom and pop turn up in selling Jerry's sneakers?6
What country does Kramer say Jerry's 'neutral' apartment is like?6
What country does Kramer take in Risk as a penalty for Newman cheating?6
What country does Kramer say is weak, angering a man on the subway?6
What country did the glasses Elaine buys to get back at Jake Jermel come from?6
What country does Mr. Pitt visit while Elaine 'house-sits' for him?6
What state do Kramer's beloved 'Mackinaw' peaches come from?6
What city was Jerry's flight from that Kramer was making a bet on?6
What country are Elaine's manicurists that call her names from?6
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Tags:4-6, place, season, Seinfeld

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