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Can you name the Seinfeld Foods IV (Seasons 8 & 9)?

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What does Kramer have in his briefcase at Brandt/Leland?8
What did Brody eat a whole bag of leading to cramps?8
What does George have notes on instead of risk management?8
What type of food does Jerry say is a scam due to the hole?8
What does Kramer use in his cereal thinking its milk?8
What flavor of Kenny Roger's chicken gets Kramer hooked?8
What does Newman hate to eat that he refers to as 'vile weed'?8
What does Newman need after eating his most hated food?8
What kind of sandwich does George call the clock in a bag?8
What did Kramer want from his chicken, which turned out to be a rooster?8
What is George pigging out on when being told the Ocean called?8
What did Kramer spill dessicant into making a woman sick?8
What does Mr. Lippman start a business selling the tops of?8
What does Kramer prefer using instead of shaving cream?9
What herb gets spilled on Kramer before Newman chases him?9
What does George make into skin singles?9
What kind of sandwich does George get caught eating during sex?9
What does Kramer drink during a 'break' on his fake show?9
What is one of the items used to put Jerry's girlfriend to sleep?9
What drink gets Elaine to 'unlock' her vault of secrets?9
What candy does Kramer eat during the backwards episode?9
What is Jerry cooking when his girlfriend first walks out naked?9
What food is in the jar his naked girlfriend strains to open?9
What does Kramer make a rose of in the shower for dinner?9
What did George eat an entire platter of at Whatley's party?9
What kind of bagel is Kramer amazed to see at H and H? 9
Where does George find a rubber band at Monks?9
What fails to drop in the vending machine for George?9
What does Elaine have when Puddy took her to Arby's?9
What does the mechanic claim he ate when George accuses him?9
What candy does the dealership's old man say doesn't have a chocolate swirl?9
What type of food is served where the Frogger game is?9
What does Elaine eat that is worth $29,000?9
What nickname does George want after a steak?9

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