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What does Kramer sneak into the movie theatre?7
What does the pulp that irritates George's eye come from?7
What food does Jerry put into his coat pocket instead of eating?7
What kind of soup does George order first at Soup Nazi's?7
What kind of soup does Jerry order at Soup Nazi's?7
What does George complain about to the Soup Nazi?7
What kind of soup is the Mulligatawny that Kramer likes?7
Which of the Soup Nazi's soups was Elaine never a fan of?7
What does the spanish speaking customer order at Soup Nazi's?7
What soup does Elaine read out the whole recipe to the Soup Nazi?7
What is one of Kramer's guesses for George's ATM code?7
What is George's actual ATM code that Peterman's mom yells out?7
What does LLoyd Braun spend $100 on for Jerry?7
What old food does Kramer eat at the Alex Theatre?7
What kind of bread did the Costanzas bring to the Rosses?7
What does Kramer feed Rusty the horse, leading to bad gas?7
What candy bar fortune is Sue Ellen Mischke the heiress to?7
What drink does George think would be a good baby name?7
What food made Elaine test positive for opium?7
What food was overcooked, causing Leo to call the cook Anti-semetic?7
What did the bottle that looked like Charles Groding contain?7
What does Elaine spill on the autographed three tenors poster?7
What do George and Steinbrenner eat together at lunch?7
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