Television Quiz / Seinfeld Foods II (Seasons 5 & 6)

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Can you name the Foods of Seinfeld (Seasons 5 & 6)?

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Jerry has an opening stand-up bit about this seedless fruit.5
What type of fruit does Kramer attempt to return to the store?5
What fruit caused George to say 'I think it moved.'5
What food was Kramer's optometrist addicted to?5
What do television cameras catch George eating at the U.S. Open?5
What is one vegetable in the conversation spied on by the lip reader?5
What supposedly non-fat treat leads to Jerry and Elaine gaining weight?5
What food is stolen from Kramer when his arm is stuck in the Subway door?5
What does Jerry give his girlfriend so Elaine won't recognize her voice?5
What flavor Babka do Jerry and Elaine buy in the bakery?5
What makes Jerry sick, ending his no-vomit streak?5
What kind of candy bar does Kramer buy along with a Penthouse?5
George describes the sea as angry like an old man sending back this in a deli.5
What does Jerry's girlfriend refuse to take a bite of?5
What does Jerry refuse to eat at Poppie's?5
What vegetable was George going out to get prior to being seen naked?5
What does George get Rachel to eat as revenge for his 'shrinkage'?5
What is George's regular on toast at Monk's Cafe?5
What type of salad does George order on Rye to be the opposite?5
What does Elaine buy before seeing her boyfriend at the hospital?5
What does George buy Elaine that he doesn't get thanked for?6
What does Mr. Pitt eat with a knife and fork that starts a trend?6
What does Kramer want to put on pizza that angers Poppie?6
What food does Bania say does not count as a meal?6
What does Reggie's not have that Jerry wants to order?6
What kind of food does Kramer give to a homeless man?6
What causes George to sweat heavily at his Yankees job?6
What kind of peach does Kramer eat from Oregon?6
What kind of pasta does Kramer make Jerry out of?6
What kind of pasta is Kramer going to make George out of?6
What does a chimpanzee throw at Kramer?6

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