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Can you name the Foods of Seinfeld (Seasons 1-4)??

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What kind of coffee does George want in the first episode?1
What drink does Jerry's guest Laura ask him for from the couch?1
Kramer wants to start a restaurant where you make your own what?1
What drink does George not realize really means sex when offered?2
What does George slip in his former boss' drink in a bar?2
What did Elaine bring George in the hospital after he turned purple?2
What does Jerry bet Elaine $50 to take at a Chinese restaurant?2
What drink does Kramer ask the busboy for at his apartment?2
What does George say everybody likes to eat at an Italian restaurant?2
What does Jerry eat by recommendation at Babu's restaurant?3
What makes Kramer thirsty in his Woody Allen film role?3
What do George and his cleaning lady drink after sex?3
What candy does Jerry offer Elaine that makes her laugh?3
What does Jerry try to bribe Newman with but Elaine steals it?3
What does Jerry joke that Ghandi ate before his fast?3
What does Kramer drink before vomiting on Susan Ross?4
What breakfast food does Jerry say can be 'very filling'?4
What does Elaine mace 'Crazy' Joe Davola with?4
What kind of food does Ping deliver to the gang?4
What does Elaine sneeze on making Russell Dalryple sick?4
What does George double-dip, leading to a scolding by Timmy?4
What candy does Kramer drop into the open surgery patient?4
What does an actor auditioning to play Kramer steal?4

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