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John Travolta, Peter GreeneThree mob-related stories told out of sequence.
Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe PantolianoMan has no short term memory.
Harvey Keitel, Chris PennHeist movie that doesn't show the heist.
Uma Thurman, Michael MadsenSplit into two films: one action-packed, one talky.
Hugh Jackman, David BowiePeriod pic is structured by the two rival main characters reading the other's diary entries.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey DeschanelRomance is reminisced post-break up.
Keira Knightley, Saorse RonanA misunderstanding and false conviction have lifetime consequences.
Naomi Watts, Justin TherouxA car crash leads to a mystery leads to a breakdown leads to incomprehensibility.
Jim Carrey, Elijah WoodProtagonist relives his romance in reverse chronology.
Monica Bellucci, Vincent CasselReverse chronological account of sexual assault and its effects.
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Maria TomeiTwo brothers plan a heist and things very quickly turn horrific.
Kevin Spacey, Pete PostlethwaiteHe was making it up the whole time??
George Clooney, Sydney PollackFilm begins with a car explosion, goes back to the beginning to explain why Clooney is drawn to that horse.
Tom Cruise, Kurt RussellCameron Crowe rips off a bunch of better sci-fi movies.
Andrew Garfield, Justin TimberlakeConflicting accounts of events that lead to multiple lawsuits.
James van der Beek, Jessica BielEveryone sleeps with everyone.
Rachel Weisz, Ellen BurstynDarren Aronofky's most underappreciated film, set in the past, present, and distant future.
Diane Keaton, Christopher WalkenA nervous romance in New York City.
Christian Bale, Ken WattanabeAs a symbol he could be incorruptible.
Audrey Tautou, Samuel Le BehanBrilliant French film that turns from romantic comedy to psychological thriller. Sorry that I spoiled it for you.
Toshiru Mifone, Masayuki MoThe most famous example of nonlinear narrative shown in film classes.

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