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Forced Order
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Cal Hockley, Pvt. Hudson, Miles Dyson
Jackie Treehorn, Larry Gopnik, Norville Barnes
Lydia Deetz, Bela Lugosi, General Thade
Mal Cobb, Sal Maroni, Will Dormer
Raoul Duke, Jeffrey Goines, Sam Lowry
Pvt. Joker, Dr. Dave Bowman, Alex
Ash Williams, Peyton Westlake, Flint Marko
Marion Crane, T.R. Devlin, Harry Worp
Ben Hood, Li Mu Bai, Ennis Del Mar
Alvy Singer, Helen Sinclair, Fielding Mellish
Frank Bannister, Susie Salmon, Samwise Gamgee
Lord of Darkness, Grimes, Commodus
Stanley Goodspeed, Harry Stamper, Sam Witwicky
Chief Martin Brody, Dr. Ian Malcolm, Henry Jones Jr.
Disc Jockey, Aunt Beru, Bail Organa
Joe Cabot, Gogo Yubari, Pvt. Fredrick Zoller
Jamal Wallace, Norman Bates, Cleve Jones
Pat Healy, Mary Swanson, Roy Munson
Rupert Pupkin, Henry Hill, Cpt. Ellerby
Eric Lensherr, Dean Keaton, Claus Von Stauffenberg

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