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What does Norville Barnes invent?
What is Steve Buscemi's full name in Fargo?
What is the last line in No Country For Old Men
What state are Joel and Ethan Coen originally from?
What is their next film, due out in December?
What motel does Larry stay at in A Serious Man?
'I don't want ____, God damn it. I'm a Dapper Dan man!'
What is the name of Barton Fink's finished script?
What does Ed Crane see in the sky before execution?
What part of his body is Miles Massey obsessed with?
What filmmaker has a cameo in Miller's Crossing?
'Sy Ableman?! Esther's barely ____!'
What is the name of Jesus' bowling partner?
Who ends up with the money in Fargo?
'You brought your the ________?'
Who first utters the phrase 'This aggression will not stand' in The Big Lebowski?
How many of their films have been nominated for best screenplay?
How many have won?
Which of the Arizona quints does H.I. steal?
To which country does Harry Pfarrer attempt to flee?
How many people die in Fargo?
Which actress portrays Llewelyn's wife?
'Is that physically? Or just a _________?'
Name the WWII epic they wrote which never got filmed.
What is the name of Ethan Coen's collection of short stories?
'You know, for ____!'
Which composer has scored all of their films?
In what state does Blood Simple take place?
What actor starred in their segment of Paris, Je T'aime?
What gets sent in the mail in The Big Lebowski?
BONUS: What is their very best film?

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