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Forced Order
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Difficult QuoteMovieYear
I want the locks changed again in the morning.
He covets. That is his nature.
Dunbar, not Dumb Bear.
Well, I'm back.
The older you get, the fewer things you really love. And by the time you get to my age, maybe it's only one or two things. With me, I think it's one.
Who is this person who speaks to me as though I needed his advice?
Despite my privileged upbringing, I'm actually quite well-balanced. I have a chip on both shoulders.
My father was fond of saying you need three things in life - a good doctor, a forgiving priest, and a clever accountant.
You speak so many bloody languages, and you never want to talk.
It vexes me. I'm terribly vexed.
Difficult QuoteMovieYear
That's a dead dog.
Our target: microprocessors. Yes, those. I don't know what they are, you don't know what they are, who gives a f_ck?
The ad said this pool was lagoon-like. There's nothing lagoon-like about it.
This dress makes me look like a Woolworths lamp shade. I'm not wearing this dress.
Do you know what happens to a man who doesn't pay his debts? His boots catch fire!
Bleach smells like bleach.
I think I ruined your roommate's bathrobe.
Well, you sure killed the hell outta that fella today.
I put the diamond in the coat. I put the coat on her.
There was no message! There was no message! THERE WAS NO MESSAGE! I will never forgive you!

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