Begins and ends with 'D' II

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Can you name the word that begins and ends with 'D'?

Featured Jan 26, 2012

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Trump, Rumsfeld, or Duck, e.g.
301 or Cricket is played on this, often in pubs
Germany, to a German
Motorola smartphone, C3PO, or R2D2, e.g.
Towering sandwich named for comic strip character married to Blondie Boopadoop
A stupid person or a fan of Jerry Garcia
A lack of harmony or agreement
To shield, guard, or stand up for
This Double D attraction might be a good vacation destination after working '9 to 5'
Render speechless with amazement
A vehicle found in 'The Call of the Wild' or the Iditarod
Break up a group of people or armed force
Any crustacean having five pairs of walking legs, such as lobsters
A great fear usually of impending evil; accompanied with the Pirate Roberts
Meatloaf found 'Paradise' by the light of this car instrument panel
Go down, like a flight of stairs or into madness
HBO television western drama set in South Dakota
According to the Hebrew Bible, the second king of Israel

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