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Can you name the the words which end in 'ack'?

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Definition'ack' word
It's a calendar, it's got astronomical info..
The French call this brandy 'Calvados'
Using monitors for blood pressure, heart rate, etc.
What every auditioning actor hopes for...
A North American duck
University of Maryland's student newspaper; a rattlesnake too
It causes problems or is a disadvantage
A grasslike flowering pondweed plant
A maple woodgrain used for musical instruments
A griddle cake, hoe cake, pancake
Slang for a bill of any denomination
A bag made from coarse hemp or jute
A staple of Civil War soldiers
A traveler's or hiker's bag
In a pinch, a bag of frozen peas can be one of these
Johnny Quest and others use this to get around
A cheap, gaudy or tasteless object [var.]
illegal payment in exchange for favors
Give your dog a bone after saying this..
The largest of sea turtles
Definition'ack' word
According to Monty Python, he sleeps all night and works all day
A beauty treatment. A gross beauty treatment.
Yellow-brown toad that runs more than it hops
Canadian band.. can you REMIND ME of their name?
Sanctioned gambling on the ponies - where the ponies aren't
Home of the 'Bloomin' Onion; a Subaru model
See #11 for another pre-bone-giving word
A field hockey stroke used to start the game
Groucho Marx played one of these in 'A Day at the Races'
'Slingin' Sammy Baugh
Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter, Joey
University of Arkansas mascot
Return this to its upright position - we're landing
someone who builds or works on tall structures
its 'now' but it seems so 'then'
To strike something with a flat object
An Inuit boat made with animal skins, bigger than a kayak [var.]
An upholstered armchair with high sides
A flippant or sarcastic remark
The Coasters implore you not to do this
twice-baked thin slice of bread

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